Ladies and Gents, it is time to tear up the East Coast in celebration of your favorite Bastard's 10th anniversary!! put on your drinking shoes, and line up your Designated Drivers, because we're going all out!! 




It's time to celebrate 10 years of the unstoppable party machine all of you beautiful bastards made possible!! As we approach this tour, be on the lookout for some added acoustic shows beforehand, and an added week up the west coast. 




Announcing our upcoming Washboards and Pirate Swords Acoustic Tour!! We have also added 2/19 at Coaster's Fort Walton Beach.


New Year's Eve Unplugged Shows!!


Come catch your favorite Bastards as we tear New Year's Eve in Florida a new one!


PRS Guitars Sponsorship

Late Nights & Shark Bites - Spring Tour 2016

The Training Wheels Tour 2015

Lace Pickups Endoresment


Wes Driscoll of The Bastard Suns receives endorsement deal from Lace Pickups. Click here for more info.


Live show in Satellite Beach, FL - 7/18/15

2015 Spring Tour

Fall Tour with Authority Zero

Live shows in Georgia


Augusta, GA - The Loft - Friday 8-8-14

Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade - Saturday 8-9-14


Late Summer Update



Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, after months of writing, recording, rehearsing and training new band-members, it makes me incredibly proud to finally announce the triumphant return of The Bastard Suns.

Although The Suns haven’t performed live in some time, rest assured we’ve been busier than ever. After our last National tour, things were looking bleak. We had just said goodbye to our rhythm guitarist Kevin the year before, and now we were losing our bassist Levon as well. The bottom line is that we have never had any financial help from labels and very little from sponsors, and nine self-funded cross-country tours have left their financial and mental mark. As Levon put it when he said farewell, “I just thought we would’ve gone farther than we did.” And the tough thing about it is, he’s absolutely right. So what does one do when all signs seem to say, “STOP!”? How do you proceed when you’ve come so close so many times, only to fall a little bit short? When you can’t even afford to finance a new album even though the material is already written?

Well if you’re the band that has preached, “Never Say Die”, and, “Hold Fast” for over eight years, you certainly don’t give up.

Instead, we enlisted the help of the preeminent financial startup website Kickstarter and began a month-long promotion to raise $12,000 in order to record and distribute our new album and fund a subsequent National Tour. At the end of the month, we had over $16,000 in fan donations and, more importantly, a renewed sense of purpose. Our music actually means something to actual people, and let’s be honest, when you have that kind of fan base backing you up, label execs and big-time promoters start mattering a whole lot less.

We also found our saving grace in a big, lovable bass player named Mongo. It’s almost like the guy was sent by the rock gods to make sure we didn’t give up. We knew from the first song in the first practice that this guy was the one in a million that could fill Levon’s formidable shoes. My fiancé and long-time collaborator Whitney Carite has also become a big part of our new sound, and it’s great for me to try writing duets and female leads.

As for the new album, we just finished a month-long recording session with our third godsend, Jason Andrews at Spotlight Sound in Atlanta. This guy has worked on everything we have done in the past six years, and he’s a HUGE part of what makes the new one sound amazing.

So that brings us up to the present, and as I type this, we’re preparing to start sending all the prizes for all our loyal Kickstarter friends. (And believe me, there are plenty of those!) Also, we’re beginning rehearsals for our first small tour starting Oct. 3 and planning our National Tour scheduled for early next year. At the moment, the future is bright for your trusty heroes, and thanks to our new-found good fortune and amazing new members, (Haha, I said ‘members’) we’ve all got a renewed feeling of purpose, and it came exactly when we needed it most. (I guess that’s what happens when you’re on God’s I-Pod. It’s called the GodPod just in case you were wondering.)

That’s all I’ve got for now, Bastard Suns, HOOOOOO!  


Long Live Song - The New Album by The Bastard Suns


Hello everyone, and greetings from The Bastard Suns! If you're wondering why we've been unusually quiet lately, it's because we've been writing a new album! The title is Long Live Song and we're incredibly proud of it so far. There's punk, bluegrass, reggae and, of course, another awesome cover and we're climbing the walls waiting to get started! If all goes well, we'll enter Spotlight Sound Studio with our longtime collaborator Jason Andrews in August, but touring and recording has taken its toll on our financial situation and we could really use some help. That's where you come in! In order to fund this album and the subsequent national tour, we've set up a account, and we're hoping you'll check it out. There's a hilarious video and a TON of limited edition artwork, rare audio tracks, personal acoustic performances and merch up for grabs, so PLEASE help us keep our band alive. If you donate $15 or more you'll be listed on the 'Thank You's' inside the CD cover, and if we make our quota, it will ensure that we'll be touring through your neck of the woods VERY soon. 

We've never attempted to raise funds in this way before, and if we fail that may be all she wrote for The Bastards, so help us if you can, and remember that we are, and have always been completely self-funded and self-run.

Thanks in advance, and LONG LIVE SONG! -Clay & the rest of the Bastards

Click here to visit our Kick Starter campaign home page



New Sponsor - Atomic Buzzard


Hey folks, we got a new sponsor, Atomic Buzzard. They design and sell really cool t-shirts. They are helping us out with some t-shirt and album art.

Check out and like their FB page:



Spring Tour Dates


We are coming out of our song writing sessions in May to play some shows to pay the bills while we make the next album. Check out the tour dates page for details.


St. Paddy's Day 2013 Tour

Online Merchandise Store


The online merchandise store is up, here is the link We have limited stock at first, so be patient. What we have is our latest design and we have a few in most sizes of t-shirts and even less in hoodies. This is temporary and just the start of things. Unfortunately, it costs money to stock up our merch selections and we ain't exactly Scrooge McDuck swimming in our money safe over here. But, we now have the ability to sell merch on our website and the selection will only grow starting after the new year. We will be adding more designs, more color selections, more sizes, and other stuff like custom SSV vaporizers. 

By the way we are offering FREE SHIPPING for the month of December to the US and Canada.

New Years Eve 2012

Calling All Bass Players


As many of you may already know, we said farewell to longtime bass player Levon recently. Don't worry though. Wes, JayTea and myself are not remotely ready to give up the ship just yet. We're actually just taking a few months to make some money, finish writing the new album, and try out some prospects for the vacant position.

And there's NO reason that YOU couldn't be one of those prospects! (As long as you're an amazing bass player with an unbelievable singing voice and the ability to learn music like Rain Man counts toothpicks.) But seriously folks, if you've ever wanted to see the country and you think you've got the chops, we're about as equal-opportunity as any employers you're likely to meet. If you know the songs, then you know there are some mighty big shoes to fill. So contact us via the website and give it a go-it could be the best decision you ever make.

Cheers and Happy Holidays from The Bastards! 


The 2012 Fall Tour Continues


The “All or Nada Armada” Tour has been great so far. Tonight we have a huge show in Denver and we'll be on the west coast for most of the rest of the month.

The rest of the tour dates are listed below. We do need street team members to help us spread the word in all the cities listed below, send us an email to if you can help. We will put you on the guest list to the show you help us promote.


Date City, State Venue
13-Oct Denver, CO Casslemans
14-Oct Colorado Springs, CO Black Sheep
16-Oct Ketchum, ID Whiskey Jaques'
17-Oct Spokane, WA A Club
18-Oct Seattle, WA Studio 7
19-Oct Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater
20-Oct Redding, CA Bombay's
21-Oct Modesto, CA Copper Rhino
23-Oct Sparks, NV The Alley
24-Oct Sacramento, CA The Boardwalk
25-Oct Hollywood, CA Roxy Theater
26-Oct Riverside, CA Mission Tobacco Lounge
28-Oct San Diego, CA The Griffin
30-Oct Tempe, AZ Club Red
31-Oct Tucson, AZ The Hut
2-Nov Ft. Worth, TX Crowbar
3-Nov Denton, TX Andy's Bar
4-Nov San Antonio, TX Jack's
5-Nov New Orleans, LA Howlin' Wolf
7-Nov Ft Walton Beach, FL Coasters
8-Nov Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits
9-Nov Satellite Beach, FL The Sports Page
10-Nov Palm Beach Gardens, FL Swamp Grass Willy's
14-Nov Daytona, FL Frank's Front Row
15-Nov Sanford, FL The West End
16-Nov Vero Beach, FL Filthy McNasty's
17-Nov Sarasota, FL Jake's

The First Leg of 2012 Fall Tour


Check out the first leg of the Fall Tour starting this week. Of course the hometown show in Atlanta will be huge but we can't wait to head out on the road. We have a special reason to stop in Denver this trip. Some friends are getting married and decided to throw a Bastard Suns show as the reception for their wedding. I know, how many of you wish you thought of that! To say the least we are honored to be included in their festivities and can't wait for the show. It is in Denver at Casselmens on Oct. 13th, don't miss it.

28-Sep Masquerade Atlanta, GA
4-Oct The High Watt Nashville, TN
5-Oct Lindbergs Springfield, MO
6-Oct FUBAR St Louis, MO
7-Oct Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, IA
9-Oct 320 South Breckenridge, CO
10-Oct Hodi's Half Note Fort Collins, CO
12-Oct PAC3 Carbondale, CO
13-Oct Casselmans Denver, CO
14-Oct Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO





The Bastard Suns are hitting the road this fall with a slew of dates from the East to the West coast and back again! As always, The Bastards will be bringing their earth-shaking live show to over 40 different markets all across this great nation. The tour kicks off in epic fashion at The Masquerade in Atlanta, and continues through October and most of November, covering ground from Florida through Texas and Colorado, all the way to California and Washington. The boys are teamed up with west coast heavyweights Knock-Out for the “All or Nada Armada” Tour. With help from tour sponsors Silver Surfer Vaporizers and Sacred Custom Percussion, the Armada will be sailing towards a city near you very soon.

Click here to see the tour dates


The Bastard Suns play the BelMar Surf Pro


We have been asked to provide entertainment for the 2012 BelMar Surf Pro in New Jersey! We will be playing on Saturday September 15th around noon during the surf contest, then again at the official after-party at 10th Ave Burrito around 11pm.

We will be playing a few shows on the way to and from the contest 

Check out the schedule here




Fall Tour


We're kicking off the fall tour at home. The rest of the tour dates will be announced soon!

September 28th - The Masquerade / Atlanta, GA


Wes & Jay Tea - Personal Blog Posts


Wes and Jay Tea just posted blogs on their personal blog pages, click here to check them out.


Band Member's Personal Blogs


We added a new page to our website for us to post personal blogs, you can get to them by clicking here or by clicking the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page.


Even More Summer Tour Dates!


We have some more summer shows coming up, check our Tour Dates page for more info.

Aug 4       Augusta, GA
Aug 10     Albany, GA
Aug 11     Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Aug 17     St. Marys, GA
Aug 18     Brunswick, GA
Aug 22     Sarasota, FL
Aug 23     Sanford, FL
Aug 24     Marathon, FL
Aug 25     Marathon, FL
Aug 26     Naples, FL


The Bouncing Souls and The Bastard Suns!


The day has come! Tonight see The Bastard Suns and The Bouncing Souls share the stage at The Masquerade in Atlanta. If you don't already have tickets, please buy them from us using this link:


Vienna, VA - 6-12-12 - Show Canceled


We are very sorry to announce the show tonight in Vienna, VA at Jammin Java has been canceled. Our tour van broke down and we can't get it fixed in time to make it to the Vienna tonight. We are very sorry to all of our fans that were looking forward to coming to the show tonight and we promise to make it up to you with a kick-ass show next time we are in the area.


More Summer Tour Dates Announced


We added some additional East Coast Tour dates to the schedule, check out the tour dates tab for details.


Summer Tour Dates


We just posted a few early summer tour dates. Check out the tour dates page.


A Farewell to Kevin


Hello again everyone, its good to be back behind the keyboard.
Firstly, I must apologize for being so lax about finishing the tour blogs. (That is, of course, assuming anyone is actually reading this stuff in the first place.)

This particular blog will quickly explain why I've taken a few days for myself, so allow myself to explain...


Clayton's Log - Spring Tour Blog

2012 Spring Tour Announcement

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