Clayton's Log; Stardate: 4/22/12 - Spring Tour

*As I write these next lines, it is early morning in Denver and I am high off my rocker after repeated uses of the Cypress Hill vaporizer given to us by Silver Surfer Vaporizers last night at our show in Colorado Springs. Just warning the reader ahead of time. (Whew, that was a mouthful.)(Hehe that's what she said.)(I've gotta stop overusing parentheses.)

I must have a dickish face or something. I can't figure it out-most people who know me would probably call me a pretty nice guy; but for some reason I get a lot of bullshit from complete strangers. For example the last time we played The Hut in Tucson, Arizona, the head guy was really rough on me for innocently walking out of the wrong door. He was even more mad when said door locked behind me. (Of course, the guy was ripped, covered in tattoos and he had a pitbull with a chain-link leash, so I didn't give him too much lip.) But for that reason I was less than enthused to play there again, and once again, I was happily mistaken. The same guy was still there, only this time he couldn't have been cooler. The bands all rocked, (special thanks to Clarice and the Lotion Baskets.) and there was a really good crowd again! But the kicker came at the end of the night, when our local show promoter dissappeared without paying us at all. Now let me say that this guy was cool and accommodating all night, he even said that we could crash on his floor. That's precisely why we were very surprised to find that he had gone missing with a substantial chunk of our money. Like, all of it.
But once again, I was taught never to judge a book by its cover. The tattooed bar guy came out with all of our pay and said, "Here, take this. I'll make sure that little fucker pays me back."
Oh yeah, sometimes you can just catch someone on a bad day, and I'm happy to be proven wrong in that case. Thanks again everyone, I'm being prudent and leaving all names outta this one, but you all know who you are.

Winston's in San Diego is hit or miss. San Diego is probably one of the coolest, most beautiful cities in Southern California. And perhaps they are a bit too aware of this fact. They're always nice and everyone was really great, but I have to say that there was a slight air of pretention in the bar. I hope they don't tar and feather me next time we're in town. On the upside, we met a great band from San Jose called The Whiskey Avengers. Kinda like Aggrolites meets Slackers. We all loved them.

DiPiazza's in Long Beach is our California home venue. Mark DiPiazza is one of the coolest cats you'll ever meet, the type of guy who definetly seems to have it figured out. Although, I must say his daughter (the bartender) is another of these people who inexplicably seem to hate me. I swear I have no idea why! Dickish face I guess.
Anyway, DiPiazza's went off again for us, and we've gotta give special thanks to our brothers in Under the Influence, Eken Is Dead (especially Gagg who finally got his bass head back from Levon!), and Felony Ron. Even though Ron wasn't there, he always sends his warmest regards. And I regard his regards warmly.

Ok, now comes my favorite parts of the story, the really adventerous, funny parts. But you'll just have to wait because I'm A.D.D. and its my day off. See you all soon!

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