Clayton's Log: Stardate 4/26/12 SPECIAL SPRING TOUR BLOG INSERT

I had to skip a really awesome part of my narrative because it doesn't have too much to do with the shows, and yet it truly deserves its own blog.
During most of our stay in Southern California, we bunked up with a good friend of Bobby's from Atlanta.


Mike is a sweet, unnassuming ex-Georgia boy who just happens to live in Laguna Beach across the street from the shore. He also happens to have an incredibly hot super-executive girlfriend who drives a porsche. But by far the biggest testament to his quality is the fact that he (and his lovely girlfriend) treated us as honored guests, and opened up their ridiculously stylish and beautiful apartment to us without a moment's hesitation. Well done Sir Mike, we salute you.
The flat is situated above a gourmet coffee joint, (the smells were amazing.) and just down the street from one of the most beautifully simple (and traditional) Mexican eateries that I have ever visited. I ate four of my next eight meals there.
Mike recently took up surfing, (I know, you almost start to hate this guy, don't you?) and he invited Wes and me out to a break called "Old Man's" in San Onofre. As it turns out, the "Old Man" was having a bad toupee-day, and the waves were pretty damn large, AND breaking about 250 yards offshore. (I grew up surfing Florida, and I almost packed it in without catching wave number one.) Wes and Mike, who are both new to the sport, didn't make it into the lineup at all.
Finally I made it out, and sat there among a dozen over-40 surfers who were in great physical condition, while I'm trying to catch a breath that never quite seems to come. The irony was thick in the air. Just call me Wheezy Jefferson.
But when I finally caught that first wave, I rode it for so long that I could've written a haiku whilst aboard. When it finally ended, I was laughing and exhausted, and a good hundred yards down the beach. I've grown up with the photos of SoCal waves on my walls, and this was an extremely good day for me.


Also, when we went back to Mike's local break, Wes surprised the hell out of me by catching some really nasty waves, all the time sporting a huge grin. The next morning I went down to the Mexican spot, and had a chorizo and egg burrito along with some incredible local (literally) coffee. I chatted with the owner, an elderly Mexican woman with a beautiful spark in her eyes that can only signify a life well-led. I sat in the sun and listened to the waves, eating and drinking and staring at the colorful mosiacs and flowers all around. I know it sounds corny; I'm certainly no Hemmingway, but truly there are moments in life that will stay with someone forever, and for me, this one goes pretty close to the top. Call me old fashioned, I'm a simple man with simple taste. Just give me a beachside flat in Laguna Beach and an organically-grown cup of coffee, and I'm fine.
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