My New Tattoo

Facebook is a funny thing. After receiving my new tattoo, my girlfriend posted a pic of it on FB and it immediately started getting comments. Some loved it, some made cracks about it's Hindu influence, and one even went so far as to remark that she 'hoped I wasn't going down that road, because it's a very dark place."

What surprised me the most was the fact that absolutely NO ONE bothered to even ask if there was any meaning behind it, or why I chose this art. Like I said, Facebook is a funny thing. So here you go, even though nobody seems to be interested, I'll explain my new tattoo nonetheless.  


Anthony Viscione April 13, 2014 @03:56 pm
Alot of people don't understand tattooing as an artform which is incredibly sad. But I definitely gotta say the Mike V Powell is a classic and a half bro but to have that sweet cultural rendition done to it is pretty sweet man YOU get the tats for you man so screw what everyone else thinks (or doesn't think) and Lone Live The Suns man we need you guys in Boston soon!!!
Leslie December 15, 2012 @08:28 am
Rad new ink Clay!!!! Send me an email next time you guys are in Orlando so I make sure I get to the show. Sadly I missed you guys last time and want to make sure it doesn't happen again. Hope all is well. Hope you guys have Awesome Holidays and can't wait to see the next show.

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