A Farewell to Kevin

Hello again everyone, its good to be back behind the keyboard.
Firstly, I must apologize for being so lax about finishing the tour blogs. (That is, of course, assuming anyone is actually reading this stuff in the first place.)

This particular blog will quickly explain why I've taken a few days for myself, so allow myself to explain......my......self. As many of you know, we had a really great homecoming show at our local Atlanta venue The Masquerade over the weekend. It was one of the most animated crowds we've ever seen, and the opening bands Tetrarch and Hermits of Suburbia were great. All in all, we were all incredibly happy to be home, but the night was not without a little sadness, too. If you were there, then you already know: Kevin has played his last show as a touring Bastard Sun.

The truth is, we've seen this coming for a while. He recently got engaged to his beautiful fiancee Lisa, and it's time to become the man of the household. Also, he's always suffered from really strong allergies, especially to cats, and as luck would have it, it seems everyone we stay with owns at least one cat. A couple of years sleeping in a van can get to a man, and no one knows that better than we.
And so it was with a happy, albeit heavy heart that I took the stage that night. Kevin and I met in the 8th grade, and since then we've been through high school, art school and hard-knock music school together. We started this band together. I love that guy, and he'll always have a place at the Bastards' table. (Also, hopefully now that he's not touring, he'll have time to work more on our art and photography.) I don't know how many people even realize that his art has been the visual side of The Bastard Suns since the beginning.

So I'll keep it short and sweet, as I'm sure Kevin would prefer it. So long my life-long traveling mate, thank you for all the good times and memories, and may the good Lord grant us a reunion show at Wembley Stadium in 20 years.

Ok readers, (again, assuming there are any of you out there) we now return to our regularly-scheduled tour blog. Thank you for your patience.


Scott Elder May 03, 2012 @08:28 pm
Kevin will be missed at our house!
doodoo May 02, 2012 @10:22 pm
Sad to hear about leaving...but stoked on Kevins' engagement to his chica! Glad we were able to enjoy a few shows recently while he was still touring with you guys! Always a pleasure to see all of you and thanks for letting me jump up and grab the Mic sometimes!!
Lor May 02, 2012 @09:54 pm
Wow...very sad to hear that Kevin is leaving...but it is for a wonderful reason so one can not be too sad. Best of luck on your future and can't wait til that reunion show. I know we will see you again soon because i am bound and determined to come to GA to see a show at The Masquerade and I am sure you will be rockin in the crowd..;)
Jessica May 02, 2012 @09:32 pm
:(..... but what an awesome show it was. Reading this just makes me more anxious to see you guys play that reunion show! :) Every show gets better and better and I can't make everyone, so I'll definetly be back to read how it's going! See ya soon guys!
Laura May 02, 2012 @09:26 pm
Glad I got a chance to meet Kevin on this last tour, and congrats on the engagement, but now we open the next chapter of Bastard Suns history. (And I definitely read this blog, anxiously awaiting the 4/20 in Denver and Colorado Springs reviews!)
Ken Harrington May 02, 2012 @09:20 pm
Farewell Kevin. Hopefully this last tour isn't the last time I will see you. I hope you guys the best in all of your endeavors.
Marco May 02, 2012 @09:19 pm
best of luck to Kevin! He's a fucking great musician and a blast to party with!

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