Long Live Song - The New Album by The Bastard Suns

Hello everyone, and greetings from The Bastard Suns! If you're wondering why we've been unusually quiet lately, it's because we've been writing a new album! The title is Long Live Song and we're incredibly proud of it so far. There's punk, bluegrass, reggae and, of course, another awesome cover and we're climbing the walls waiting to get started! If all goes well, we'll enter Spotlight Sound Studio with our longtime collaborator Jason Andrews in August, but touring and recording has taken its toll on our financial situation and we could really use some help. That's where you come in! In order to fund this album and the subsequent national tour, we've set up a kickstarter.com account, and we're hoping you'll check it out. There's a hilarious video and a TON of limited edition artwork, rare audio tracks, personal acoustic performances and merch up for grabs, so PLEASE help us keep our band alive. If you donate $15 or more you'll be listed on the 'Thank You's' inside the CD cover, and if we make our quota, it will ensure that we'll be touring through your neck of the woods VERY soon. 

We've never attempted to raise funds in this way before, and if we fail that may be all she wrote for The Bastards, so help us if you can, and remember that we are, and have always been completely self-funded and self-run.

Thanks in advance, and LONG LIVE SONG! -Clay & the rest of the Bastards

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Shawn January 10, 2014 @08:35 pm
Guys - just got the swag. The CD is great and the shirts are awesome. Can I buy a couple more? Gotta have 'em!
Gabriel Taylor December 30, 2013 @03:03 pm
How do I order the CD? Can't seem to find it. Must be the sweet leaf.
Snot July 15, 2013 @12:59 pm
Congrats, Bastards! You get to record an album and tour, and we get more music. Sweet. See you at your next Florida show!

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