The Bastard Suns are hitting the road this fall with a slew of dates from the East to the West coast and back again! As always, The Bastards will be bringing their earth-shaking live show to over 40 different markets all across this great nation. The tour kicks off in epic fashion at The Masquerade in Atlanta, and continues through October and most of November, covering ground from Florida through Texas and Colorado, all the way to California and Washington. The boys are teamed up with west coast heavyweights Knock-Out for the “All or Nada Armada” Tour. With help from tour sponsors Silver Surfer Vaporizers and Sacred Custom Percussion, the Armada will be sailing towards a city near you very soon.

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Lori August 31, 2012 @08:34 pm
Hell yea!! Love the poster guys! Can't wait to see you all and hang. Have really missed you!! :)

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