The Journey Ahead

For a talkative man I'm not good with words, I may say something funny occasionally or if not too intoxicated can be charming enough to get a girl's attention, but I do have some things I'd like to say and hopefully I don't fuck this up.  For starters my heart goes out to all the victims and their families in Aurora,CO from last weeks shootings and hope the man responsible recieves the maximum punishment our laws will allow.  With that said I'm not gonna be all political about gun laws or anything like that but I am gonna say America please do not let this deter you from living your life.  Jack London once said "the essential function of man is to live not just survive" and there's so much truth to that with people staying home in fear of this or fear of that, kids staying in doors cuz fear of abduction which is affecting us as a society and as people.  People wanna stay home instead of going to shows, plays, comedy, or even movies for fear of the police cuz Speeding Tickets, Drug Searches, and DUI's are big business now so I say instead of fearing these repercussions just for living your life come up with solutions.  Man has survived and thrived since the beginning of time due to good old-fashioned ingenuity with sayings like "if there is a will then there is a way" and we as a culture have lost that sense.  One thing I love about the coast of Florida is the sense of community they have there in the ways they support local business and arts but these areas are few and far inbetween in this great country of ours.  One down side is Florida is one of the worst places for police presence cuz its big business.  As a traveling musician and recent guest in Nassau County(cell block C1-A) I can agree with many that a good deal of cops are dicks, they are also people just trying to make a living too.  We've been searched from Georgia to California and back yet I still give each cop the benefit of the doubt cuz I've had a few good cops help or let me slide on foolish things so you never know.  With that said lets as a generation, a society bring culture back to the American people and accept the trials that stand before us with open minds to solve these issues that make people wanna stay home.  A growing trend in Atlanta is drunk driver assitant companies that are working out deals with local bars and venues to get customers home safely with their car.  How it works is they work in pairs, one drives your car while the other follows so they can drop you off at your home with your car.  It's becoming popular here with some bars providing free service or for a small fee which is way cheaper than a DUI and you got to go out which in turn helped your own local economy with jobs like your bartender, those drivers, the band playing, the sound guy working,etc.  This is just one simple solution that people are coming up with.  So lets stop making excuses and start living again by working with the system not against it since we all know your chances of winning are slim so out smart them.  Another thing, if you don't know your neighbor then it might be time to just say hello and show more courtesy's to each other, open a door for someone or even just a smile with a hello may just brighten up someone's day.  A recent car commercial made fun of today's generation by showing a concerned daughter pushing Facebook on her parents telling them that this is living with pasty white skin that makes this ginger look tan while the folks are out riding bikes on a trail.  More people today should give that some thought.  Now I know a few of you are gonna say well the economy is bad or I can't afford tickets plus drinks and I'll give you a little justification there but only a little cuz a lot of people who say that rather spend that money on material objects trying to keep up with what's new and improved whether they can really afford it or not which is fine if that's what you want even thou if you stay home all the time just to afford those things then how are you really enjoying them.  What memories are you creating sitting there watching some reality show?  Ever met anyone who stays home most nights to have a good story? Joke?  I don't.  I live in what is basically poverty,  I make less money than fast food employees and through hard work with much sacrafice I have been blessed to travel as I have, see the things I've seen and grown to be who I am today.  I have no money but have great friends, family, memories, experiences and if I could go back I wouldn't change I thing.  So when people say I'm lucky and living the life I tell them its been more hard work and the courage to live life than anything.  So I encourage you to look in the mirror today and ask yourself what are some things you wanna do in this life, where are some places you wanna go and never give up if it means that much to you.  I can promise you that every one of us Bastards at one point has considered giving up for whatever reasons but hold fast for our passions for life, music, love, adventure and the human spirit that reminds us that if it is worth it then its worth fighting for.  So take your life back from the media, the criminals, the police, the haters, the material world or anything that means to hold you back from experiencing the journey ahead.


Glen Watson August 12, 2016 @06:43 am
Wess, I'm 74 years old, a retired navy submarine sailor and an amateur novel writer. I like, "You Get Me through the day," song. I think your writing ability is just fine. You know how to get a message across, in your blog and your songs. We presently live in Fairhope, Alabama, but I'm a Montana-born guy and we are moving back to Montana I'll keep following your music.
Adam Kime June 08, 2014 @05:56 pm
i met yall through LUCKY 7 TATTOO in augusta man and have been a huge fan ever since. I was messaged by about 15 people in augusta saying yall were looking for a bass player and apparently im the only person around here thats into yall style. so if all else fails hit me up on facebook to let me know whats up with it. I would have emailed but I havent emailed anyone in 15 years it would be like mailing yall a letter. later man.
Annie April 07, 2014 @07:58 am
What can I say but wow looking forward to seeing y'all play this week been forever and sound as though it will like always be amazing
Scott Kroposki March 17, 2013 @02:10 pm
What can I say Wes? Every bit of this post is on the money, and what I would expect to hear from you after hanging and talking to you at the last 3 shows in NJ. I can relate very easily because I have been self employed in home improvements for the last 18 years and after all expenses basically make burger flipping cash with 25 years of experience in the field and a BS college degree. On the other hand, my business partners are my brother and best friend of over 40 years(you met both of them at the shows too), and the 3 of us get to experience so many things that other friends never get the chance to...both good and bad. I know that we have all wanted to go our own ways because of the hard times, but we always HOLD FAST and it has only made us stronger. You Bastards all seem like solid dudes and I thank you all for the sacrifices you have made to share your gifts and your dreams with all of us! Best of luck to all of you wherever your paths may lead. Keep being strong and wise and hopefully that path will lead the Bastard Suns to NJ again soon!
Sharon McHenry December 21, 2012 @11:48 pm
So glad you boys are still playing. I think of y'all a lot. Miss each of you. Hope to see y'all at New Year's.
Jonne Blue September 27, 2012 @09:37 pm
Nat Woolum August 01, 2012 @10:17 pm
Wes, First off, VERY well said!!! I could not agree more with you. I have been guilty of staying in the house rather than go out and enjoy what is beyond the front door so to speak,only to save money to pay bills. Now, every chance I get, I go and do something even if it is just go for a drive and go somewhere I have never been before. I have to hand it to you bro, for a young man, you have A LOT of wisdom. Keep up the hard work, me being a fan appreciate you and the other members for what you do.
James Mc. August 01, 2012 @10:13 pm
Hang in there brother.

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